T of C ISSUE 08

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Issue 08

It is also a Bonney issue. Many of the pieces pertain to the history of William H. Bonney, both past and current events, or relate to Lincoln County history.

This HOME Page is reserved for the Table of Contents (see below), which lists all of the articles on each of the category/pages, in this current issue. It also has important notices, timely tidbits, and other things just for the fun of it.

FOCUS Page is reserved for feature photos, stories and articles about Roswell and regional areas of New Mexico.

BYWAYS Page is usually reserved for exploration of scenic and historical places in and near Roswell and all around New Mexico. Come share the Enchantment.

LIFESTYLES Page features people and groups of people who have affected Roswell, its outlying areas or the state of New Mexico, now and long ago. Sometimes it also features lifestyles of the not too distant past in essays. Varied lifestyle subjects of interest, such as elder care, health and fitness, and investments will also be featured in some issues.

INDUSTRY Page is usually reserved for articles about our local industries. Those will include dairies, wool growers, oil and gas, ranching, agriculture, pecans, bus manufacturing, the various airplane industries, and the UFO tourist industry.

RWM thinks the Industry page is the appropriate place for information about the current Billy battle since it seems to be a publicity stunt to promote New Mexico tourism.

OPINION Page is mostly reserved for editorials, essays, short stories, poetry and emails.

NEWS Page (currently “under construction”) sometimes has links to news-stories in other publications.

LEGISLATION Page (currently “under construction”) usually lists some legislative bills introduced in both houses during the current sessions, following them as they are introduced and processed through to their final resolutions. Internet links are provided for full descriptions of the bills. This page is only maintained during Legislative sessions.

ARCHIVES ISSUES, are for easy retrieval, prior issues.