Opinion Issue 18-2

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This tale has a moral. Anyone wanting a website should first learn its important technical aspects, and above all, choose a proven web designer or webmaster with a reputation of integrity. It is also important from the onset to assure that your website is registered in your name. Depending upon your registrar, you will find just trying to change your email address or physical address will be a challenge.
It was my friend, Bernice D’Abadie, who told me, about a month before she died, that my webmag is an intellectual property like a book manuscript. But I’ve found that it is easier to steal a copyrighted website than a copyrighted manuscript. I hope that will be remedied in the future.
Many individuals and entities, including communities and corporations, have had their websites stolen by a few keyboard clicks by unscrupulous webmasters registering their clients’ websites in their own names.

Website owners and producers, beware!