Industry Issue 18-1

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Following piece and photo taken, with permission, from the official BTKOG website:

Be a part of history… Join us April 21-April 29, 2006, as we enter our 5th year of retracing and riding Billy the Kid’s travels after his infamous escape from the Lincoln County jail in April 28th,1881. Share the adventure of the New Mexico landscape, experiencing over 125 miles of mountains, desert plains, and the Pecos River country. Ranchers along the way will host us, just as they did during Billy’s ride to Fort Sumner.

Billy the Kid’s Regulators



BTKOG’s Newest Members, The 2005 Billy the Kid Trail Riders
photo by Mike Allen

Posse photo taken on Friday April 29th, 2005 on the Old Block Ranch which in the 1880’s was the town site for Las Tablas. Billy the Kid had the rest of his shackles cut off at Las Tablas after he escaped from the Lincoln County Courthouse on April 28th, 1881 having traveled over the mountains in the background through the Capitan Gap. The trail ride will end in Ft.Sumner on May 4th, 2005.