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The majority of John Lovell’s casework is on behalf of veterans and military personnel.


Interview with John Lovell, Congressman Stevan Pearce’s District Representative in his Roswell office.

Question: How many cases do you have open?

Lovell: I normally average between 35 to 55 active work-flows in any given month. The majority are veteran and military service issues.

Question: About how many cases have you worked and how many have you been able to close? How many do you feel you’ve been able to help?

Lovell: I have completed 125 work-flows during the past 18 months. I currently have 36 active. Fifty-three of my work-flow efforts have resulted in favorable decisions and 72 have been unfavorable or simply closed because the veteran moved or just decided to drop the action. The longest current open work-flow is three years old and has incrementally increased the disability compensation of the veteran. The veteran has been through many decisions and appeals with the Department of Veterans Affairs. All of the successes have been memorable.

Question: Does any particular case stand out that you can talk about?

Lovell: One in particular took quite a bit of research on behalf of the veteran. He was repeatedly exposed to Agent Orange contamination in Vietnam while servicing ‘AO’ delivery aircraft systems. However, the only time that he was in Vietnam was on a 90-day TDY mission from his home base, so his service record did not reflect the 90-day period of time that he was in that country. After researching his records, it was found in his personnel file and Performance Reviews that the duty performed was in South Vietnam. That documentation and a “buddy letter” from an Air Force friend who traveled to his base of operation just to see an old friend while he was in South Vietnam turned out to be the clincher for the DVA. The Air Force Chief Master Sergeant is now receiving a disability pension from the VA. This case is still ongoing and seeking a higher rating.

Question: The important and valuable work you do on behalf of veterans and military personnel is very much appreciated. Thank you for taking time out of your busy day, Mr. Lovell, to answer these questions to give people a brief overview of what you do. Our veterans and military personnel need people like you helping them now after all they have done for us.